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Updated: November 24, 2012

I think you may find these seaview ships very unusual and extremely rare and I'm sure you will want these in your collection.

I managed to get hold of a guy in Japan who I bought these items from. He told me that his father owned a shop in the 60's and for his 8th birthday in 1965 his dad gave him 2 of these carded seaviews set. He used one full lot up and used 1 single from the item I now have here, he is 100% sure on the year.

I paid him about $3,000 US in 1994. I have no idea as to what they may be worth now because apart from this Japanese guy no other Japanese person know anything about these seaviews.

Anyway here are some details:

The manufacturer are MADE BY JUNIOR + SHUBIGO The length of the card is 24"/2ft from top to bottom and 92/22.5cm wide at the top.

4 strips of cards, 2 strip cards on each side front and back, each strip has 12 seaview (1 single yellow seaview missing) , this set has 47 instead of 48 seaviews.

Size of seaview is about 3.2"/8cm long, it is like half a seaview because the bottom of the seaview is hollow.

The torpedo is 2"/5cm long and has a hard green rubber stopper holding the salt in (I think the salt is way dead now)

I cannot work out how this seaview would actually work?

There is a little metal plate thing with a hole in the centre, the size of this is 0.75"/1.75cm

The size of the box is about 11" wide and 13" long.


Salim (UK)

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