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Updated: September 19, 2021

By Jim Blair:

The monster costumes in Japan were known as Kaju. Many of the costumes used were altered into other monsters (kajus) in future episodes.

Bemlar was altered into the monster Gyango with the revolving antennas.

Eli Tsuburaya who created Godzilla was the shows producer who was a master in special effects.

Monsters were borrowed from TOHO productions and altered by adding on layers with scales or protrusions.

Jirass was basically a Godzilla suit with an added latex collar as seen in the above picture.

Ultraman himself went through three suits:

Type A rough mask with a very small mouth that was able to move but was never able to make it work.

Type B used throughout most of the series with a more angular look to the face and a new latex suit made from an American red wet suit with silver painted on it.

Type C was the last version used in the series and was made with a muscle padded foam body and had less wrinkles in the mid section.

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