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Updated: February 03, 2016

LONG OUT OF PRINT Columbia House Collector's Edition Video of THE TIME TUNNEL with two IRWIN ALLEN Episodes. Tape Identification Number 27831. 105 Minutes.

1) RENDEZVOUS WITH YESTERDAY 9/9/66 Dr. Tony Newman hurdles himself through time, when he and his "Time Tunnel Project" fall under intense scrutiny. His arrival point? The doomed S.S. Titanic, on her maiden voyage. Can he alter history? Will his partners on the other side be able to reach him? Or will he go down with the ship? This is the original pilot episode, (the most expensive ever shot up until that time).

2) ONE WAY TO THE MOON 9/16/66. This second episode finds our intrepid Doctors, Newman and Phillips, thrown forward into time, as unwilling stowaways, on a rocket ship headed for Mars. Discovered by the crew, they are accused of being spies. Adding to their problems, the rocket is losing fuel, and must refuel on the Moon. With that mission accomplished, our heroes are then left behind after blast-off by the real spy on board.

Value: $30.

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