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Updated: October 11, 2023

The binder is oversize and is gold stamped on the cover "Irwin Allen's The Time Tunnel" 1967-1968 Season two. I believe this type of binder was produced to sell the studios on the next season.

Inside the binder are watercolors which portray concepts for future episodes of The Time Tunnel. From what I have learned the series cancelled and the concept artwork and episode summaries contained in the binder were never produced. There are some photos which will give you an idea of the contents of the binder. One image is of the cover showing the gold stamping and the other is showing the binder open displaying a two page watercolor with the episode summary.

Going through the portfolio there is artwork for 13 future episodes each with a one page summary. The majority of artwork is in two page spreads. Included here is another example of the artwork for an episode this time removed from the binder.

A partial plot summary follows here for the artwork included in this message:

The Lost Civilization:

Tony and Doug are transported into the wilds of Central America during the 15th Century to find themselves lost in a vast underground cavern which holds astonishing relics of a lost civilisation. Steam engines / electrical motors, advanced forms of malleable glass greet them. But suddenly they are attacked and seized by warriors of a flourishing civilisation to which this cavern is holy.

Many thanks to "David Barich" of San Francisco for sharing this item with us.

Value: $1,000.

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