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Updated: October 10, 2023

Published in Japan in 1967 Number of pages: 12 ( + one sonosheet disk ) Approx size (book size ): 8.0" x 7.6" / 20.3cm x 19.3cm.

The Time Tunnel Sonosheet "Monster Land Exploration" said on the cover pages are... The Time Tunnel SF Great Adventure Drama "Kaiju Kyou Tanken" = "Monster Land Exploration" Special Wide illustration" This is The Time Tunnel!!" Now, We are taking you to the terrifying Monster Land! To the Past & the Future, The Time Tunnel going in the Four-dimensional World! Nationally televised on NHK Network TV Series Asahi Sonorama ( publishing company ) C. M. S. The Time Tunnel shows came to Japan on NHK Network in 1967 using Japanese voice actors.

Value: $1,000.

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