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Updated: October 09, 2023

The Time Tunnel comic book was produced in 1966 by Gold Key, who specialised in adapting TV series ( most notably Star Trek ) into strip form. There were only two issues of The Time Tunnel, which between them produced five short stories that were very much in the spirit of the series.

There were some discrepancies though. For some reason General Kirk was absent from the comic strips, although he does appear in photo inserts on the covers of both issues. Dr. Swain is presented as the sole head of Project: Tic Toc. Also Doug wears a much more casual costume than the Norfolk suit he wore on TV. In the strip he sports a natty zip-up jacket over a black and white striped t-shirt. Tony's roll neck is yellow rather than green.

The Time vortex is suitably surreal with giant chain molecules and wavy lines. As Doug and Tony tumble through it they have little conversations, usually of the "I wonder where...or when we'll land next" variety. Meanwhile back at Project: Tic Toc, Ann and Ray spout technobabble lifted directly from the series. Phrases such as: "Reduce your limits" and "We need pressure magnification" are used frequently.

Value: $40.

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