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Updated: November 26, 2023

Original Main center control panel station from The Time Tunnel. ( ABC-TV, 1966-67 ) This is the actual center control station seen in every episode of the classic science fiction television series The Time Tunnel, placed directly in front of the immense Time Tunnel. This free standing / rolling control panel was modified from actual U.S. Air Force military surplus ( a common practice by Irwin Allen's production design teams ) and features vintage electronics, lighting capability, and custom graphics on its face panels which feature painted hourglass imagery designed to symbolize Time. It is this panel which contributed to the operation of the Time Tunnel device, and thus the destiny of the heroes Dr. Tony Newman and Dr. Douglas Phillips ( portrayed by actors James Darren and Robert Colbert ).

This unusual production artifact was acquired by a Hollywood prop rental house from 20th Century Fox and rented throughout the 1960's, 70's and 80's to other productions. The TV monitor in the center of the panel was removed for another production. A phenomenal artifact from this classic series. Measures 68 in ( wide ) x 44 in. ( deep ) x 45 in. ( tall ).

Value: $30,000.

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