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Updated: October 07, 2023

The Time Tunnel 2002 Unaired TV Pilot Episode.

"Everything could change. Nothing is for certain. The world that surrounds us even now is in jeopardy from a threat never even dreamed: a time storm unleashed and raging in our past. Your family, your life, your love could be erased at any moment and you wouldn't even realize it..."

Doug Philips ( David Conrad ) and Toni Newman ( Andrea Roth ) are part of the team that must go back in time and fight to keep our world just as we know it. While Doug is the ultimate family man, Toni is a loner. Their differences will play out in very important ways when the series puts them in situations with the potential to change all of history.

Rounding out The Time Tunnel team are: Wix ( Bob Koherr ), a medic whose role on the team puts him somewhere between lovable and lethal sometimes both; and J.D. ( Tawny Cypress ), the razor-sharp, sexy ex-CIA agent who has orders to "eliminate" anyone who tampers with time. Overseeing everything is the mysterious Belsky ( Max Baker ), the physics genius responsible for opening the time tunnel, who now must risk everything to correct his mistake.

Writer Rand Ravich and director Todd Holland ( "Malcolm in the Middle" ) present a 21st Century twist on time travel in "The Time Tunnel", based on Irwin Allen's 1960s TV series.

( * ) My review on this remake: I felt that this new pilot made for televison was well done. The characters were a little weak, but would have improved and develop in time. The little I saw of the set was very impressive. The pilot was a little to dark for my taste, comparing it to Irwin's original series. There are rumors and talk that this new series maybe still considered by one of the networks.

Total review of the series, two thumbs up!

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