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Updated: January 26, 2024

The Munsters by Polar Lights 1997. The original Munsters model kit was first introduced in 1964 by Aurora Plastics. 1313 Mockingbird Lane has always been home to The Munsters Lily, Herman, Eddie and Grandpa. This model has the Munsters enjoying a quiet evening at home in their living room watching Herman on TV.

To give you a sense of the scale the suspended figure of Grandpa is 4 1/2" tall or approximatley 115mm. For the model builder there are a number of interesting and highly detailed accessories that come with the figures and the living room. There is an electric chair with electrical supply line, anle electrodes, buckles, and a pillow seat cushion. Lily is knitting and is seated on a cushioned seat in a casket featuring side bar handles and back rest. Eddie holds onto his doll Woof-Woof the werewolf, and a pet rat. Grandpa is suspended from a ceiling section surrounded by cobwebs and Igor his pet bat. There is a television sit with a color picture of Herman to attach on to the screen, and a rabbit for an antenna. A full fireplace featuring a log fire, andiron arms and uprights, fireplace screen, and a lart over the mantle painting of a haunted house entitled "Home Sweet Home". There is a floor section with an oval rug for Eddie to be seated on his pillow.

This is a must have kit for any Munsters fan, and model builder!

Value: $30. ( Kit ) Diorama built-up by David Gutierrez.

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