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Updated: January 27, 2024

The Munsters 40th Anniversary Special Addition Eddie Munster 8'' figure in Coffin with Woof Woof doll By Majestic Studios.

This "Little Monster" will inspire mischief and bring a smile to every Munster fan! Eddie Munster is a gorgeous, exquisitely detailed and wonderfully decorated figure. Made of the highest quality materials, he'll be the pride of anyone's collection! Don't miss out on this new 8" Action figure based on the classic television show The Munsters. Celebrate their 40th anniversary of TV's first undead family! Collect the whole family: Herman Munster, Lily Munster, Grandpa Munster, Eddie Munster and Marilyn Munster! New from Majestic Studios. Officially licensed. Each character is individually packaged.

The Munsters from Majestic Studios:

The MunstersTHE , "The First Family of Fright", ran on the CBS TV network from 1964 to 1966 in glorious black & white. In honor of The Munsters' 40th Anniversary, Majestic Studios issued deluxe 8-12 inch collectible figures of the four main characters in 2004.

The collection includes Herman Munster, who looks like Frankenstein's monster; his wife Lily, resembling the Bride of Frankenstein with her hair combed down; Grandpa, a classic vampire; and son Eeddie, a combination of a short werewolf and vampire. The Munsters always think differently than the rest of us. They prefer rainy days to sunny ones. If color comes into their cheeks, it means they're feeling sick.

"The Munsters have remained a retro cult classic; and continue to gain new audiences as they are shown on cable TV domestically and internationally. Our 40th anniversary figures will be the definitive, highest quality Munster figures ever made," says Majestic Studios CEO Rick Phares.

Majestic Studios has quickly made a name for itself in the field of 12-inch premium horror collectible toys with their recent release of MGM's Jeepers Creepers and 20th Century Fox's Retrun of the Fly figures.

The Story of the Munsters:

Mockingbird Lane is a lovely, elm-shaded street where average families lead normal lives. But a paintbrush hasn't touched 1313 Mockingbird Lane since the last nail was driven into place. Shutters hang askew, weeds grow with wild abandon, and vultures build nests in the barren trees. This Victorian horror, towering three stories and with a dungeon in the basement, houses the funniest collection of people ever to set up housekeeping. They are The Munsters!

The head of this horrifyingly funny household is Herman Munster. Tall, gaunt, cadaverous and in his 150s. He has a flat square-shaped head, a jagged saber scar on his forehead, ill-fitting clothes, darkly ringed eyes, and bolts in his neck. Since The Munsters show was licensed by Universal, the make-up artist could easily, and legally, use the Jack Pierce / Boris Karloff "Frankenstein look."

A gentle giant, Herman looks at the world with the trust of a child. He says he was born "in Germany, in a laboratory built by a Dr. Frankenstein, whose hobby was putting together do-it-yourself people kits." He left Germany at an early age and was adopted in England by a family named Munster, which conveniently set up the later theatrical movie, Munster Go Home ( 1966 ), where Herman inherits an English castle and a royal title.

Herman tries his best to be a good husband, father and provider. He drives his car ( half hot rod, half Hearse ) to work each day at the Gateman, Goodbury & Graves Funeral Parlor, where Mr. Gateman ( John Carradine ) considers him an exemplary employee, "He's one of the few people at the parlor who doesn't lie down on the job."

His wife, Lily Munster, a Transylvanian transplant, is as hauntingly and gothically beautiful as the day she died. Personality-wise, Lily is a typical suburban housewife, "in the vein" of June Cleaver, Harriet Nelson and Donna Reed, concerned primarily with keeping the house in order, and her family happy and well fed. However, to Lily, dusting the house means throwing dust around.

The family has their hands full with Lily's father, Grandpa Munster, who is actually THE Count Dracula. Grandpa is around, um, well; let's just say he's old. He is a great practical joker, but time has dimmed his memory and his magical skills. Like a bat, he enjoys hanging around the house upside down. He is quite unpredictable... bumbler would be a better word.

Herman and Lily have a young son named Eddie. He has pointed ears, fangs and wears a Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit. He loves to carry around his "Woof-Woof ", a miniature werewolf doll. To Eddie, his Grandpa's tricks are "neat", and usually says, "It's too early for bed, if it's too dark out."

The whole clan lavishes their attention on Lily's niece, Marilyn Munster, a Barbie doll type. They feel she is unfortunate in having a creamy complexion, rosy cheeks, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She agrees that she is the weird one. They're very protective of Marilyn, no matter how ugly she is.

Current Munster News:

This year, the hit cable TV show A&E: Biography filmed a Munsters behind-the-scenes tell all biography.

This Halloween, the surviving cast members, Butch Patrick, Pat Priest and, of course, the loveable Grandpa Al Lewis will be officiating at a party at a Munster mansion. Not the original Munster mansion at Universal Studios, but an incredible recreation by a husband and wife in Texas who copied the house right down to the Munster's fire-breathing pet, Spot, who lives under the foyer staircase. For pictures of the house during construction, see

You can currently see the theatrical movie, Munsters Go Home ( 1966 ) and the reunion movie made 15 years later, Munster's Revenge ( 1981 ), both in color on DVD. Only six episodes of the original series are available for home viewing. They're in a VHS box set sold in England. There has been no announcement yet, but we believe a DVD box set of the original Munsters TV shows will be released next year in the US to celebrate the show's 40th anniversary.

Credits - "The Munsters" were originally distributed by Universal Television, then a part of MCA, now a part of NBC Universal. Produced by Kayro-Vue Productions.

Eddie Munster - portrayed by Butch Patrick; a typical All-American boy Werewolf of Elementary School age, aside from his green skin and pointed ears. His full name is Edward Wolfgang Munster. Butch Patrick is not in the original pilot episode of The Munsters. The actor cast, Happy Derman, plays a more aggressively wolfish boy. Butch Patrick would appear in all other episodes to follow.

Majestic Studios:

Majestic Studios is a Hong Kong based action figure and collectibles manufacturing firm, specializing in internationally recognized licensed characters. Their inspirations are drawn from all forms of popular culture, especially motion pictures and TV.

The goal of Majestic Studios is to provide a showcase for alternative properties that have slipped through the cracks of the major collectible toy companies, but who will still resound in our collective consciousness. Each release is highlighted by state of the art sculpting and manufacturing. Top designers match all packaging with deluxe full color artwork and wherever possible, the classic original artwork most closely identified with the characters.

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