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Updated: February 03, 2024

This is a stunning piece of Munsters history! It is all of the original mock-ups and original painting for the puzzle done in 1964, for the 1965 issue of the puzzle. The artboard is 23/12 inches wide, by 29 inches tall. The actual painting portion is 21 inches wide, by 25 1/2 inches tall.

Also included is the original drawing with tissue sheet with all the drawing notes about details and positions. Along with an original cover that you can see still had changes made before the final version was printed. Lastly is the fully color artist drawn concept that was professionally framed and matted. This painting almost has a glow about it, that we really can't put into words unless you see it in person?

This is truly by far, and way the most stunning Munsters piece ever done on the series. It has all the details that everyone remembers most about the show, all rolled up into one incredible scene. Includes the family, the famous Munsters Coach, and of course their famous house at 1313 Mocking Bird Lane.

What also makes this artwork special is it's sheer size! Most of the artwork done for Whitman Puzzles and Books was on average half or even less the size of this painting!

Value: $10,000.

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