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Updated: February 26, 2021

Guarantee original and authentic "Alien Ray Gun" from the hit 1960's Science-Fiction TV Show, The Invaders. This fantastic Alien Rifle is a working hero model and came from Si SImonson, master of special effects on this show and many other great sci-fi series and movies. Appx. 31 inches long. Piece is made of metal and wood with a central, clear lexan tube and orange lexan barrel. Impressive weapon has a push button on side and rotating "intensity" knob. Though this is a working prop it does not currently light up, perhaps a little TLC and a new battery will bring it around. But what a Display Item! Of all the ray guns in this collection, this one is a stand out!

Seen most prominently in the Episode "Counter Attack" when the aliens remove it from the trunk of their car and use it to obliterate a wall. Overall Excellent Condition. One of the most exciting props ever offered from the Invaders series. A rare and important prop from one of the great science-fiction TV shows of the 1960's. Comes with COA from the Museum of Mom and Pop culture.

Value: $3,500.

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