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Updated: February 26, 2021

I noticed you had some Invaders content on the site, so here's my contribution. This is the Monogram re-issue of the Invaders UFO. This kit is only 7 inches in diameter, interior Cabin is 3.5 inches. Fully detailed Interior with Exterior lighting of the Engine, Landing Lights, rotating Strobe Lighting on the top of the Saucer, and Flashing Main Control Panel. Just in time for Halloween, a Spooky Saucer!

This was created for a Client who specified that the color scheme should be like the way the Saucer was actually seen on the TV screen, Azure Blue exterior, and that creepy Cobalt Blue lighted interior. The actual Prop was Silver, but "Special Effects" coloring was his particular requirement. Thought you might like these pictures for your site.

Regards, Simon (Papa Smurf ) Mercs

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