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Updated: October 26, 2019

The Green Hornet Radio:

started as a radio broadcast show in the in late 1930's and lasted through the early 50's. It started it's run on WXYZ in Detroit, the Mutual Network, and NBC Blue. The series was created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker, who also worked on the Lone Ranger. The Green Hornet was voiced by Al Hodge, Donovan Faust, Robert Hall, and Jack McCarthy in that order. The theme song was "Flight of the Bumblebee," with added noises in the background.

The Green Hornet was really Britt Reid who was a newspaper salesman. He was considered a large villain, with his Dark Knight like tactics of getting information. He always had his body guard, Kato, with him. He was described as a Japanese martial artist, but later was changed to a Filipino. This was said to be because of the attack on Pearl Harbor, but this is true or not. Britt was also a relative of the Lone Ranger, as he was the Ranger's grand nephew.

Green Hornet Movie Serials:

The 1940's movie serials were produced by Universal Pictures. In 1940, "The Green Hornet" was introduced. The Green Hornet was played by Gordon Jones, and when he donned his mask, Al Hodge's voice was dubbed over his lines. "The Green Hornet Strikes Again" was released in 1941, with Warren Hull now playing the role of The Green Hornet. Keye Luke played the role of Kato in each film, but his nationality was changed to Korean because of the war.

Television Series:

In 1966, after the huge success of the Batman television series, ABC introduced The Green Hornet to America. The famed Van Williams played the role of The Green Hornet, while Kato was played by martial arts expert Bruce Lee.

The Green Hornet was usually straight forward and serious as compared to the Batman show. The Hornet and Kato even appeared alongside Adam West and Burt Ward in an episode of the Batman. Batman and The Green Hornet did not get along and they often fought. They drove the Black Beauty, a customized 1965 Chrysler Imperial. The series was later cancelled after only one season. Lee went on to become a very famous actor afterward.


In January 2011 a new Green Hornet movie came out, staring Seth Rogen as GH and adding a humor element to the movie. Britt Reid was a part playboy until the murder of his father left with the media business a young friend of his father's named Kato shows up at Britt's house and talks to him about the man Britt's father was and Britt feels he needs to do some good for once so he dons the name The Green Hornet.

Green Hornet Comics:

The comic storyline is similar to that of the radio and television series, and has had many different runs over the years. The Green Hornet rights have changed many times from company to company. The most noted version is of "The Green Hornet" by Harvey Comics. The title of the comic was changed many times, but the characters mostly stay the same.

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