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Updated: October 08, 2021

After Bruce Lee's untimely death in 1973, and the global success of Enter The Dragon, two films were created from existing footage of the Green Hornet television series to capitalize on his worldwide stardom. This is the first of these full length films, originally released in movie theatres in 1974.

Starring Bruce Lee as Kato and Van Williams as The Green Hornet, the film capitalized on the existing popularity of the 1960's crime-fighting duo. Edited with Bruce Lee's star power in mind, the film has an abundance of spectacular fight scenes.

Cast: Van Williams, Bruce Lee, Wende Wagner, Lloyd Gough, Walter Brooke, Charles Bateman, Robert Strauss, Mako, Tom Drake, Larry D. Mann, Linda Gaye Scott, Geoffrey Horne, Al Huang, Lang Yun, Gary Owens, Allen Jung, and Arthur Batanides.

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