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Updated: August 29, 2023

Trekkies, hide your pocketbooks if you dont want to be tempted by Propworxs Star Trek auction, which boasts an impressive haul of original screen-used props from throughout the Star Trek Franchise: from props, to artwork, to costumes, to scripts. The most unique item up for bid is one of only two screen-used fiberglass TOS phaser props known to exist. The prop, which was featured in the hands of a security officer in the episode Assignment: Earth, is expected to fetch upwards of $60,000.

TOS Phaser Expected To Sell for $60,000+

The headline item up for grabs at the upcoming Propworx auction is a 47-year-old original series phaser prop featured in a close-up view during the episode Assignment: Earth, which aired March 29th, 1968. Only two such phasers are known to exist. This one was positively identified thanks to a unique scratch mark and blemish due to excess paint in addition to matching up the orientation of the phasers nozzle ring to what was seen on screen. Propworx, the company providing all of the props for auction, says that the phaser was probably used in many other 2nd and 3rd season TOS episodes, saying that they found:

A match of the uniquely patterned silver foil material on top of its hand phaser to the foil on the Greg Jein TOS Hero Phaser pistol, and the identification of a tiny mold flaw / accent line defect in its rear body fin appearance which is a perfect match to a mold flaw observed on a different phaser seen in a close-up screen capture from the Original Series episode Spocks Brain.

The company went as far as getting high-resolution photography of the velcro used to attach the phaser to its users uniform, which revealed, some gold, blue and red TOS velour Starfleet tunic fabric traces still trapped in the Velcro exciting remnants from production on the Desilu soundstage 49 years ago!. A piece of history to be sure.

The phaser is already taking bids, with a starting bid of $40,000.

While everyone has their eye on that phaser, were going to be placing our bids on some just as iconic pieces of Trek history. What I am most excited about? How about the original Wil Wheaton Wesley sweater! This particular one was used by Wils stunt double. Yes, its the infamous rainbow sweater, up for grabs to the highest bidder. Or how about a set of three Guinan hats for the more affordable $200-300.

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