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Updated: September 10, 2023

Extremely Rare Hero Type-2 Phaser Pistol from Star Trek: The Original Series ( Paramount TV, 1966-1969 ). The Type-2 Phaser Pistol is the most iconic and sought-after hand prop from the original Star Trek series. Designed by Star Trek art director Walter "Matt" Jefferies ( designer of the Starship Enterprise ), this was the first pragmatic / utilitarian energy weapon in science fiction, marking a stark design departure from the fantasy "ray guns" of Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and Forbidden Planet.

This hero Type-2 Phaser was built for close up camera shots and breaks down into three detachable components: 1 ) The palm-sized Type-1 Hand Phaser - used for diplomatic missions and undercover work due to its discreet size, 2 ) The Type-2 Pistol Phaser body into which the Type-1 would install to make a more powerful weapon, and 3 ) The elongated painted brass handle / power pack ( attached by twist-lock ) capable of being quickly swapped out and "reloaded" during prolonged engagements. This is one of only two hero Type-2 Phasers known to exist.

Crafted of fiberglass, resin, turned aluminum, brass, steel and acrylic components, the weapon measures 8" long x 6" tall and features moving parts. The Type-1 has a moving thumbwheel on top that raises the "targeting sight" when rotated ( the mechanism to extend the acrylic beam emitter needs a simple repair ). A panel below the Type-1 ( attached with a small screw ) removes to reveal the internal metal mechanism and holder for a single AA battery to illuminate a grain of wheat light bulb when activated ( bulb and battery are no longer present ).

The Type-2 pistol body features a spring-loaded acrylic beam emitter that moves backward as the Type-1 separates from the Type-2 by depressing the brass side-mounted release button. A turning inset aluminum side dial is installed on the left. A rear-mounted, rotating aluminum "power level" dial is mounted at the top of the weapon with engraved numbers from "0" to "9" with 10 hash marks between each number ( 9.9 being the maximum setting ). Installed at the rear of the weapon is a machined aluminum component with four fin-like projections.

To many science fiction fans around the world, the original series Type-2 Phaser Pistol transcends its association with a groundbreaking science fiction television series - it represents one of the defining indelible images of American pop culture. Exhibits expected age including scuffing, paint loss and dings in brass handle from production with two mended breaks in the front of body with loose areas on Velcro strip for attachment to costume.

Provenance: Greg Jein obtained this hero Type-2 Phaser directly from Star Trek: The Original Series special effects supervisor James Rugg.

Value: $80,000.

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