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Updated: July 26, 2023

Red Starfleet uniform worn by Nichelle Nichols. Currently at the Smithsonian. "The red mini-dress is made from synthetic velour fabric with gold braid details and a black knit collar. The dress has full-length fitted sleeves, with a band of gold braid sewn around each sleeve approximately three ( 3 ) inches above the cuff hem. The dress closes with a metal invisible zipper that begins below the proper left front waist and ends at the proper left top shoulder, running across the front rather than at the side of the bodice. The zipper is left loose for several inches at the bottom before being joined to the fabric at the waist line. The skirt closes by snapping the proper left front with one ( 1 ) black metal snap at the proper right front, then with the proper right front skirt fastening on top of the left with one ( 1 ) black metal snap at the proper left front near the zipper. The back of the skirt has a slit reaching up to the waist seam. The black knit standing collar is asymmetrical, being deeper at the proper left front. The left side and back portion of the collar is not attached to the neck of the bodice, but is snapped in place around the interior neck with four ( 4 ) black metal snaps. A v-shaped patch with gold lame fabric and black embroidery is sewn with the point facing upward at the proper left front chest, with the proper left half of the patch not sewn down. This half of the patch is backed with black Velcro, fastening over the closed zipper."

Value: $50,000.

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