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Updated: September 15, 2023

Klingon Battle Cruiser Test Model Miniature from Star Trek: Phase II ( Paramount TV, 1970s / unrealized ) Original Klingon D7-class Battle Cruiser studio test model miniature constructed of cast fiberglass and resin components, expertly assembled, finished, and painted in industrial, dove gray with decal badging applied and hand detailing to hull. Designed by TOS art director Matt Jefferies to echo the shape of a Manta Ray with a long-necked forward hull, command pod, and pontoon nacelles on the downturned end of each wing. Rectangular mounting socket present at the center-rear of the ship. The model measures 20" x 28" x 7". Exhibiting age and handling with cracking at paint and minor loose fit where the forward hull connects to the narrow spar.

Value: $6,000.

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