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Updated: September 11, 2023

Hero Photon Collector from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home ( Paramount, 1986 ). Original futuristic Photon Collection electric hero hand prop constructed of cast fiberglass, hollow-cast resin with multi-media components. The prop is assembled out of 2-parts; 1-lightweight bronze-painted handle with two rods that insert into 1-double-barreled gun metal gray painted forward muzzle, which contains wiring and electronics ( untested ). 2-ports at the bottom of the muzzle component reveal electronic wheels and cogs embedded in the interior above an on/off switch marked with a handwritten, "B." Used by Chekov ( Walter Koenig ) while he and Uhura ( Nichelle Nichols ) sneak aboard the aircraft carrier to collect high energy photons from the ship's nuclear reactor to reconfigure the dilithium crystals on the Klingon Bird of Prey. The assembled prop measures 12" x 3" x 4." Exhibiting production use and wear.

Value: $3,000.

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