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Updated: September 11, 2023

James Doohan "Scotty" Engineering Tool from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier ( Paramount, 1989 ). Vintage original Engineering tool prop constructed of steel flashlight handle, tooled aluminum upper body ending with 3-aluminum fins surrounding a lathed clear acrylic cone finial with aluminum phaser pistol barrel ring at the upper point of the prop. There is a control panel on the central grip with static wheels and a depressible red button. The tool handle unscrews to accept D-batteries intended to power a light in the tip of the prop that would power and illuminate the clear acrylic tip of the device. The metal head of the prop also unscrews for access to what would have been wiring and a small flashlight bulb. Used by Scotty ( Doohan ) to effect repairs to the Helm and Navigation Console on the Enterprise-A. Electronics are present but not working. Measuring 22.5" x 3.75". Exhibiting minor age and production handling.

Value: $1,000.

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