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Updated: November 01, 2021

Five decades of Star Trek has given us a half-dozen TV shows, more than a dozen movies and a never-ending supply of trading cards. The result is literally hundreds of different Star Trek autographs to choose from and chase. While some are likely to be appreciated largely by major fans of the franchise, there are plenty of others that have crossover appeal.

William Shatner, Leonard Nimory, DeForest Kelley and virtually every major character in the original series has autographed cards. Most have many. The same carries over to the stars of the more recent spin-off shows and into the films.

As one of the most popular franchises in trading card history, there are plenty of Star Trek autographs that carry big price tags. Weve pulled together a list of the most valuable of all. While theres a heavy emphasis on the original series and its top stars, there are a handful of contemporary names as well.

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