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Updated: November 01, 2021

Most Valuable Star Trek Autograph Cards:

Rankings are based on prices in the Beckett Online Non-Sports Price Guide. Subscribers have access to the full guide and values. If youre looking for Star Trek autographs for your collection, lots can be found in the Beckett Marketplace at competitive prices.

Chris Pine not only plays Captain Kirk on the big-screen reboot of the franchise, but he has also become a regular in big-budget Hollywood films. To date, he has three Star Trek autographs. Of those, this is the rarest. Ranked extremely rare by Rittenhouse, only between 100 and 200 copies exist.

Star Trek Remastered Original Series Dual Autographs William Shatner, BarBara Luna #DA1 Pair anyones signature with William Shatner and you’re going to have a major card. This particular dual autograph pairs Captain Kirk with Lt. Marlena Moreau from the episode Mirror, Mirror. While the original series has no shortage of classic shows, Mirror, Mirror is considered by many to top them all. Somewhere between 200 and 300 of Shatner/Luna dual autographs were produced.

Star Trek Remastered Original Series Dual Autographs Leonard Nimoy, Majel Barrett #DA6 2010 Star Trek Remastered Original Series was notable for a couple of things. The first is that it looked at some of the cleaned up images and effects from the show. While thats cool, for most collectors, the promise of a Dual Autograph in every box was likely a bigger draw. This card combines signatures of Leonard Nimoy and Majel Barrett. Nimoy doesnt need any introduction. He made Spock one of the most memorable and influential characters in television history. Barretts role on the show was two-fold. Most importantly, she played Nurse Chapel on the original series. This is in addition to parts in several of the spin-offs as well. Barrett was also married to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. This card is considered very limited by Rittenhouse with a print run of 200 to 300 copies.

Star Trek 35th Anniversary HoloFEX Dual Autographs William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy #DA1 If someone asked you what the best autograph combination would be in Star Trek history, there probably wouldnt be much debate. The discussion begins and ends with Kirk and Spock. This card marks the first time the two iconic stars had their signatures on the same card. It wouldnt be the last and its not the rarest but its extremely important. Five hundred copies of the card were printed.

Quotable Star Trek TOS William Shatner #QA1 Space The Final Frontier (limited) Space the Final Frontier

Even if youre not the biggest Star Trek fan, those opening lines likely evoke a sense of wonder. And William Shatners unmistakable voice and cadence. This card marked a departure from the familiar design a lot of Star Trek autographs carried dating back to when SkyBox held the license. Three variations of the card exist, each with a different quote on the front. Although all three have similar print runs between 300 and 500 copies each, the Space version often commands a bit of a premium.

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