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Updated: December 10, 2020

Not a discussion of the best movies, but which movies produced the best soundtrack? Also, which one is the weakest? Just in case someone cares. Full Disclosure: I played French Horn many years ago for 8 years, but do not have any formal training in music theory. Like you, things I like & things I don't like aren't rooted in theory but in feeling. BTW . . . interesting that Star Wars 9 movies had one composer & conductor. while Star Trek has had six composers over 13 movies.

So here is my breakdown. WOK & SFS feel like a space opera (bagpipes playing Amazing Grace is gold) & wish Horner could have done TVH (btw, I wish they could have secured him for TVH, it would have been far superior) Goldsmith's TMP is classic and I enjoy listening to TMP, TFF & FC together for his growth and understanding. Not only does his main theme rock and became the standard, but his Klingon theme (that is lacking in II & III) is second to the main theme (Insurrection & Nemesis don't hold up to FC, my opinion).

Michael Giacchino deserves more love, just sayin', especially in ST 09. The weakest link is TVH & Gen. As ppl noted Rosenman's music is the same in POTA & LOTR, which means he lacks creativity (his music from that standard is worse than Horner's Aliens appearing in ST). Generations sounds too much like music for a TV episode or movie, but then again, Generations comes across as a glorified TV episode/movie.

I enjoy that ST has multiple composers as apposed to SW. Variety is the spice of life.

Jon Partlow

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