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Updated: November 07, 2005

Star Trek NXX-1701:

My design for a starship just before the NCC-1701. 30% smaller than the original Enterprise, though I added some details seen throughout the different variations seen.

(*) This is the first posting of any Star Trek items on our website. I could not help but fall in love with this incredible colorful graphic art. This is specially interesting seeing it's also the first we see the Enterprise next to the Jupiter-2. Note the big difference in size compared to the ships side to side. It would have been neat in the 1960's when these shows were on the airwaves at the same time, seeing them both together in space exploring the galaxy together. It would have been nice to see Irwin Allen & Gene Rodenberry doing a sci-fi fantasy show/movie together. Now, that would have been grand for all fans enjoying the universe as one group of fans. A very interesting concept never the less?

"Artist Ed Dobbins"

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