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2005-12-03 - SAN JOSE TOY SHOW

Updated: December 13, 2005

On Saturday December 3, 2005 Larry Lee Moniz and I attended the Santa Clara County Fair grounds toy show. Over 165 toy dealers attended this one day event, showcasing vintage toys. This show is hosted by Joe at the Time Tunnel collectible store here in San Jose. Formally called the "Humdinger Toy Show" Joe has brought new meaning to this show, and keeping with vintage toys instead of newer toys shown at past shows. I saw many new dealers at this event, and some old friends too.

I saw a tin mechanical man robot that I received from my grandparents one Christmas. This was a very cool toy, and the robot had a neat movie screen photos within the chest. I quickly picked-up this toy, while Larry took a few photos of me reliving my youth.

We met Martin Martinez of "Modelers or Mice" where he builts awesome dioramas. He had some great stuff, and I wanted to buy them all. Ranging from Gort, Star Trek, Forbidden Planet, Lost in Space, and others. I quicking purchased a mini Jupiter-2 on an alien planet base, and a very nice built-up of the Flying Sub. Martin came all the way from Phoenix AZ, and I hope to see him again at a future event.

We also made friends with Paul Loughridge of "LockWasher Designs". Paul had a wonderful table of home-made collectibles. Using odds and ends mostly from the kitchen or garage, Paul created robots and ray guns. This stuff was fantastic, and each item was one of a kind.

At this event we met up with Jerry, Jeff, & Darryl, which truly had the best table in the house. Ranging from Star Trek, Super Heros, signature plaque collectibles, and other goodies worth drooling over. We later went to Sam's Barque for a lip smacking dinner. We chatted about good times at conventions, memories of Jonathan Harris, and future merchadise we hope to create and sell on our website.

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