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Updated: November 13, 2005

On Saturday November 5, 2005 Larry Lee Moniz, Kirk Roderick, and I visted Kevin Burns at his gorgeous home in Beverly Hills. At 2:00 Pm we were greeted by Kevin at the door, and quickly saw his two Emmy Award trophies, and Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster) original lab wooden chair. We chatted for awhile about many issues, and had many laughs.

We then saw the awesome B9 Robot created by Mike Joyce of the B9 Builders club. Folks this is the best replica Robot by far, and will be limited to only 50 ever made. It has all the bells and whistles, and Kevin really had a ball showing it off to us.

Kevin surprised us all with his quick humor and performance of Jonathan Harris. He acted out the Dr. Smith character to perfecto, and his changing faces also added to the fun. Believe it or not, November 5th was Jonathan's birthday, and also was the day he was layed to rest. We felt Jonathan's present, and Kevin shared many memories with us.

We later had pizza, and went a special room in which we were treated to rare collectibles, props, and thousands of unsceen promotional photos. Kevin agreeded to work with us to release many of these photos in a future project in the works. We saw a Jupiter-2 replica prop made by Norman Sockwell at Sci-Fi Metro which was breath taking. The Cave of the Wizard necklace, and the original Mechanical Men Remco Robot, that both Larry and I had the privilge of holding. Kevin even had a large promotional storyboard book of The Time Tunnel that was incredible to see.

We spent 10 hours at Kevin's home and none of us wanted to leave. It was a wonderful evening well spent. We chatted about lic. agreements, marketing, promotion, and the future of Irwin Allen properties. Our website will be the port hole for merchadise, and working with new vendors wanting to get their products lic. through Kevin Burns. This is an honor and a dream for us representing all of Irwin Allen fandom.

The evening ended with Kevin sharing the New LIS music being released by La-La-Land Records. This is incredible and the fans will not be disappointed. Kevin has worked very hard for all of us, and the fans must understand it is Kevin's love, loyalty, and dedication that makes all this happen.

Thanks Kevin for opening your front door and heart to Larry, Kirk, and I. It will always be a very special moment in my heart on this evening, building a friendship together, and keeping Irwin Allen's property strong in the years ahead.

To be Continued....

Robert - "Uncle Odie"

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