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Updated: January 22, 2020

Thanks to two special ladies from the "Zorro" fan club, I attended this event at the last moment. After receiving a kind e-mail from Jill Panvini, and making my reservation with Kathy Gregory, I headed down highway #5 as fast as my Cherokee could go. After my long 5 hour drive, I checked into my room 7728 at the "Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel". This was the same Hotel that I stayed at, during the "Return to Earth Celebration" in 1998, I was even staying on the same floor! That evening I met fellow eBay friend, Frank Murillo. We had a great evening eating pizza, and talking about "Lost in Space" until 1:00 am. I also met Kirk Roderick (Host of Lost in Cyperspace). Kirk was a total delight, and was very kind in taking me to a photo store in Hollywood during my stay. Many thanks goes to Kirk for taking some of the many photos during the event.

On Thursday August 2, 2001 I went to the star site, which I met 3 wonderful ladies from the "Zorro" fan club at 8:00 am. We were the first 4 people to view the star prior to the ceremony. I had one lady that walked up to me, and asked me who I was? After I told her, a smile of joy covered her face and told me that I was "famous" to her, and asked for a photo and a autograph. Boy, I laughed all the way home on this one! The star was being polished before it was covered. The ceremony crew started to set up around 10:00 am. Sadly, Hollywood does not promote much interest in these special star ceremonies to the public or even within the city!? At 11:30 am the star ceremony began. There were hundreds of people gathering the street of Hollywood Blvd. Over 150 "Zorro" fan club members from all over the U.S.A. attended this event, and over 13 different countries were present honoring the late Guy Williams Sr.

The celebrities from Zorro and Lost in Space came down the walkway with the William's family. Sadly, Mark Goddard could not attend, & June Lockhart at the last moment could not attend do to a serious arm problem. After being pushed by the many fans, I could see I wasn't going to get many good photos. I had to act quickly before it was to late. I ran to a LA Police Officer, and asked if I could move inside the fenced off area. I told the Officer that I write articles for LISFAN Monthly, and the Bill Mumy Club. Not to mention this website. He was very kind, and I was lucky to get one of the best spots during the entire ceremony. Dead front left side of the event, and standing next to Shelia Allen, Francine York, Angela Cartwright, and Marta Kristen. This doesn't get any better than this folks! My hand was shaking so bad from nerves, excitement, and the pressure of getting the very best photos on this special event. I was even given permission from Guy's daughter, Toni Williams to photograph the City Proclamation letter and honored plaque of Guy Williams Sr. My hands had the true pleasure of holding both of these items for a brief moment.

Later I was then graced with a photo of Guy's wife, Janice Williams. I spoke briefly to Angela Cartwright, and met her handsome son. Thanked Bill Mumy for allowing me to write articles for his club, and wished him well on his future Hollywood star. Spoke to Marta Kristen, and handed her a very rare transparency photo and negative, in which she was very grateful for. Following the star ceremony was a very special pre-paid luncheon held at the "Oscar" room at the classy Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The room had standing room only, with friends, fans, celebrities, as one happy family in attendance. The event was wonderful, and I enjoyed the many comments made by the people I met. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Clark (Producer), Ray Dutczak (LIS Memories), for the very first time.

But the most exciting person was a Zorro collector from New York named, Wendell Vega. Mr. Vega and I talked for hours about our collections (His being over 750 items). I am sure we will be e-mailing each other in the years to come! I did not attend the Thursday evening dinner with the Zorro club members. But I heard that Wendell Vega, and Guy Williams Jr. did a "fencing Act" for the fans at the event! The Robot Bob May said it best about the long awaited event in Guy's honor. "Guy was present in this room, and at this event being held in his honor. Guy was loved by all that knew him. He was a professional and one of the very best in the business. Guy is missed by many people, but he will always be here with all of us. His spirt and memories will live in our hearts and soles forever".

The William's family thanked everyone for supporting the event from the very beginning. It was the many fans that made this day a very special one for all of us. This event touched my heart, brought happiness and sadness for thoughs that came. At times a tear or two filled my eyes, for a man I never met. In a way Guy Williams was a second father to me, as well as to many others. Guy was truly a very special gifted man. His talents on television and his films will always remain a true favorite for old and new generations to enjoy for years to come.

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