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Updated: May 26, 2023

It ended up becoming the most expensive TV series made up to that point for British TV and the production values, including influence from 2001 and those same technicians, made it one of the best looking too. Fashion and set design were also top notch with a number of noted Italians working on the furniture and mise-en-scene in Moon Base Alpha. It set a new standard over two quite different series with Star Trek producer, Fred Freiberger bringing in a change of tone and new characters for a faster paced, space-operatic flavor.

Distribution being different in the 70s, the raw material filmed on 35mm and therefore eminently restorable for Blu-ray was reused to create five feature films, four of which featured on the US Super Space Theatre series.

On this new Network box set, each film has been rebuilt from the High-Definition restorations created for the series episodes, re-edited, restoring scenes and adding material not in the original presentation. This has corrected some of the issues with the two American compilations which cut too deep and the restored Journey Through the Black Sun (1982) is 14 minutes longer for example. They are presented here in their original 4:3 full screen aspect ratio alongside new 16:9 widescreen special editions.

Its interesting that introductions for the restored fuller films look less dated than the 80s cuts with their basic video tricked introductions.

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