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Updated: June 09, 2024

Yes, UFOs and aliens are real, and they have been visiting Earth throughout our history.

There even here today. And there vastly more advanced than us. A few decades ago, belief in intelligent life outside of Earth - aliens - was still more often ridiculed than not. Today, its a very different story. Its more absurd to not believe in it. As our understanding of other planets, the Solar System and the universe grows, we are collectively realizing that intelligent life simply must exist outside of Earth.

But even though attitudes are changing, there still a fair way to go until sincere, open discussion in the mainstream becomes the norm. People deserve to know the truth, and The Aetherius Society has been helping to spread and act upon the truth about UFOs and alien life since the 1950s. You may be finding it difficult to uncover the truth on this subject with the government coverups and fakes. But if you’re hungry for the truth then don’t give up.

In the words of Master of Yoga and Contactee Dr. George King," if you taken to truth, and your searching for truth, you will find it"thats the law. You find it." When you do find it, it is your opportunity to become a better, wiser person. Read on and discover the truth about UFOs and alien life " and most importantly the spiritual implications.

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