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Updated: November 30, 2023

An original Visitors Mothership filming miniature used in the television mini-series, V: The Final Battle ( Warner Bros. Television, 1984 ).

This model is composed of a wood material that has been hand-painted grey and black. The model is suspended by a removable metal bar that connects the rear of the ship to a custom wooden base, which features a red painted "V" on the surface.

This type of filming miniature would have been used in scenes throughout the series when the Mothership was depicted from a distance. The high level of detail in this model, including white hand-painted windows likely meant that it was intended for scenes where the ship appeared above cities.

This three-part sequel to V: The Original Miniseries ( Warner Bros. Television, 1983 ) follows a group of humans in a struggle to fight off the forces of an alien race known as the Visitors. The Visitors, keen on taking over Earth, hide their intentions with promises of peace. Their human-like appearance makes them quickly accepted within communities though underneath, a reptile-like creature is hiding.

The Mothership was the main ship used by the Visitors, which can be seen hovering ominously above cities and landscapes throughout the miniseries.

Accompanied by a Letter of Authenticity from Jon C. Irvin, a Production Assistant for David Stipes Productions, which reads, "During the 1980s I was employed as a Production Assistant for David Stipes Productions, a company which among other projects had created special effects and miniatures for the television mini-series V - The Final Battle. Mr. Stipes was aware I was a fan of the mini-series and when my employment came to an end, he presented me with one of the nine original mothership models from the final scenes of the series. These detailed models were used onscreen for various perspective shots in relation to the moon. Three of this size were created and to my knowledge only two survive. The display stand itself was custom created by Max Cervantes, a Prop Fabricator on productions such as Star Trek: The Next Generation."

Mothership Measures: 2 x 7 inches; On Base: 9 x 10 x 10 inches.

Value: $20,000.

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