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Updated: May 22, 2023

Sculptor: Toshinari Ichihara ( Nautilus ) / Murata Akiragen of ( Mini Vignette ) Sf Mecha Ganso! Submarine ( Nautilus ) of cutting-edge fesign appeared in the Movie Ribonucleic! Appeared to Sf writer Jules novel 1954 release of the Movie "Submarine Twenty Thousand Miles," which was based on Verne, Three-Dimensional Submarines Nautilus on the desktop size model. Metal color and the entire to thickly entered rivets, full-scale finish that Reproduces The Hull, which is formed in a complex surface structure. Built-In light-Up Gimmick to Internal Search Lights and aircraft center of the dome window, you can shine bright. ( switch built inside the hatch, write when on is masu light ) boarding hatch 4 positions can be opened, The screw and the steering is still small landing boat Aft fuselage movable ( Manual ) is can be removed. Gimmick other than the light-up enjoy. Mini vignette that was three-dimensional the success of the Nautilus in the Pictorial technique is included, Is the ease appealing does not matter display Location in the small size of the overall height of about 70Mm.

Retails: $130.

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