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Updated: May 21, 2023

"Fantastic Voyage Custom Action Figures"

I have to say the 1968-70 animated cartoon series happens to be my all time favorite animated series. Back in 2006 I was thinking, Why didn't Mego toy company ever make Fantastic Voyage figures? I then began gathering my supplies that was needed so I could began my project. The head sculpts took several hours to do because this was my first time sculpting heads at that time. These heads on these figures are prototypes as well as the figures.

The costumes took the longest time. I made atleast 5 one piece suits for Johnathan, Erika, and Busby. The 5 outfits was to tite or certain sleves was to long or they couldn't fasten close in the back like they should. It was getting very aggrevateing and costly, Because the fabric I was useing was not cheap. The 6th try I got it! Glory be to God. I was down to the last of my fabric and I continued on with assembleying of the costumes. And once done I was satisfied and this is how they turned out in the photo. Gurus outfit was easely done. The only problem I had was sculpting his head, because I didn't know weather to just sculpt the head and then make a cloth turbine. Instead I just sculpted the head with the turbine on it.

The Voyaqger in the photo is my second Voyager. The first Voyager pieces wouldn't fit together, so Moebius models sent me a new kit and it worked perfect.

Thanks Moebius!

Greg Whaley

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