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Updated: April 04, 2011

This is a cast armature that houses various LED's to illuminate your Polar Lights Robby the Robot kit.

There are three separate circuits:

1. The "ear" LED's that illuminate the clear portions of Robbie's Ears/fins. Two LED's. If the fins on Robbie's ear are left clear (not painted ) these LED's will make the fins glow SPECIAL EDITION BLUE! Some of my firends have drilled a hole in the chrome cone shaped ear parts ( I beleive they are called Weapons Neutralizers). This allows the blue light to shine through just like the movie robot.

2. The saxophone tube LED's - three LED's - allow you to light up the beautiful clear plastic tubes under Robbie’s Dome. You Just have to drill small holes were the tubes mount and the clear plastic acts like a light tube to great effect! With three LED's you get nice, even lighting - looks really cool.

3. The most important - The Mouth LED. This LED is high output BLUE. The shape of the armature is such that it forms a "light box" that will keep the light from bleeding through other parts of the robot. You can paint the light box flat black to further enhance this effect.

All resistors and connections have been cast into the armature for a nice clean assembly. Simply glue the armature inside Robbie's head and your done. You don't have to waste hours of time fabricating mounts for separate LED's. All three circuits can be operated independently and run off a 9V battery (or other 9VDC source). The ribbon cable can be run through the bottom of Robbie's foot and connected to your switches, microprocessor, or whatever device you plan on using to activate the lights.

Retails: $20.

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