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Updated: April 19, 2020

Polar Light does it again! For the 1st time ever a new kit on "Robby the Robot". Issued in 1999, a great kit for Robby fans. The Company did so well on the sells on this kit, they did a second version being an all chrome Robby. There are also fan made diorama bases being made, and I've even seen a female figure that can be added to this great plastic kit!

This kit is based on Robby the Robot, from the classic sci-fi movie, Forbidden Planet. The movie starred Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, and Leslie Nielsen. But is was Robby that remained in audiences memories and became a pop culture icon. It's 2257 A.D. and on distant planet Altair-IV, a fugitive superscientist, Professor Moebius, his daughter Altaira and their servant Robby are visited by Commander Adams and his crew in their interplanetary spaceship. Robby is a super-strong Robot that speaks 187 languages, houses a full bio-chemical laboratory and can produce anything from lead shielding to emeralds. Robby's career didn't end on Altair-IV, he later starred in a movie called The Invisible Boy, and numerous TV appearances.

Value: $30.

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