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Updated: January 23, 2018

Robby the Robot, from the classic film Forbidden Planet, in a 1/25th scale metal kit.

Robby is the most famous of all movie robots. After making his debut in the science fiction classic Forbidden Planet, he appeared in numerous other films and TV shows such as Lost in Space and Twilight Zone. The film Forbidden Planet was a story loosely based on the Shakespeare play, The Tempest and was a major influence in many science fiction movies to follow, including Star Trek.

This is a very rare kit, produced by Aquapolis from Japan, in 1983. it is mostly made of white metal with photo etched parts, a wood base and clear head dome. Extremely high detail. Included is a beautifully sculptured figure of Anne Francis as Altaira Morbius, lying in the arms of Robbie.

I have never seen another one of this kit. Most Sci-Fi collectors have never even heard of this model kit, let alone ever saw one in person. This would build into a spectacular show piece, and would make a unique addition to any collection of Robot or Monster collectibles.

Kit is complete, unbuilt, in the original box, with instructions.

Value: $30.

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