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Updated: January 08, 2024

Of course you know this is Robby the Robot, the most iconic movie robot of them all. Goldlock came out with a fairly nice toy, and with a lot of time and effort, I have turned it into an accurate 1/6 replica of Robby. I am an award winning model maker, my models are in museums, and I have spent time with the original Robby prop and I know exactly how he looks and is put together.

So here's a list of some but not all the many hours of work that goes into one of these conversions:

First he is tested. Then he is carefully taken apart, his tiny screws separated by size. Next his dome is polished by 3 grades of aircraft windshield polish to get it as clear as I can get it. All the raised lettering in the toy is sanded off and he is dry and wet sanded until you are unable to discern there were any letters to begin with. He is carefully masked off and all the individual parts are painted with a special color paint that accurately reproduces the color of the real Robby. All the details are hand painted, the gyro, wigwags, heart box, are all detailed accurately. Even his dome is painted, as is the real Robby. He is reassembled after many hours of hand painting, but not before his dome is polished one more time. He now has a raygun, hand painted to accurately match the simple blaster he wielded in the movie. This is in effect, a brand new robot toy after I finish. So he deserves a special box. With original cover art produced just for my project, and each box hand assembled, the presentation is complete.

Value: $200.

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