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Updated: January 09, 2024

Here's two great new "Robby the Robots" to add to your Forbidden Planet or Robot Collection.

Issued by the Osaka Tin Toy Institute of Japan in 2000. The Osaka Company produced two different color versions on this tin toy. The famous black / red version as to the original made back in 1958. As well as the silver / burgundy color. This toy comes with the following actions & features. Walking action, sparking action behind blue plastic tubes, rotating nickel-plated scanner rings. Rotating lithographed drum under dome simulates mechanical brain. Lithographed three-dimension head coils under dome, realistic-appearing rubber hands, highly scaled blaster fits in hands.

A very heavy gauge embossed Robby the Robot wind-up toy. These two Robots were limited to 600 ever produced. I purchased these Robots from Robot dealer "Ray Rohr" in 2000.

Value: $700. ( Set )

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