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Updated: December 23, 2015

Yoshiya was quite motivated during the 1958 timeframe-motivated, that is, to knock off Forbidden Planet's Robby as many times as possible, in many iterations as possible. This version, Space Tank V-2, demonstrates Yoshiya's uncanny ability to integrate the Robby archetype into just about any of their new or existing platforms.

Though created from it's own tooling, the Robot is from Yoshiya's Planet Robot school of design, with black-gel chrome face plate and simple claw hands. The tank tread and gearing mechanism is nicely replicated in lithography; the rear section of the tank features an illuminated "television screen" depicting outer space doings; and the front includes the World War II-evocative "V-2" designation, complemented by a partial atomic symbol.

Mystery action carriers this toy where it needs to go, with Robby facial illumination adding to the entertaining presentation. A desirable toy, Space Tank V-2 is Yoshiya's Robby knockoff program in full bloom.

Value: (Complete with Box $2,500)

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