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Updated: December 28, 2023

For over forty years Robby, the Robot has undoubtedly remained the most famous, and adored movie robot of all time. Making his film debut in 1956, in Hollywood's first multi-million dollar science-fiction epic "Forbidden Planet"; Robby starred alongside Leslie Nielson, Walter Pidgeon and Anne Francis costing the MGM prop-shop over $125,000 to construct (although Anne Francis swears it cost MGM over a million to make Robby). In 1957 Robby appeared in his second motion picture, "The Invisible Boy", starring Philip Abbott and Richard Eyer.

MGM art director Robert Kinoshita is credited with finalizing Robby's design; pushing plastics fabrication, and robot design technique into the 21st Century. Veteran Western actor Frankie Darrow brought the Robby costume to life, and the robot's eloquent voice was skillfully portrayed by actor Marvin Miller of television's "The Millionaire" series.

Segueing from big screen productions Robby made an effortless, and successful transition into television; where he later starred in many classic shows. These credits include his appearances in many popular series such as "The Thin Man", "Lost in Space", "The Twilight Zone", "The Addams Family", "The Love Boat", "Columbo", "Mork and Mindy", and "Clueless" to name a few.

In 1970 the original Robby was sold at the big MGM auction to the Prop-museum "Movie-World" in California, and was placed on display next to the vehicle he drove in "Forbidden Planet". Over time souvenir hunters managed to vandalize Robby; who began to deteriorate rapidly.

In the meantime Fred Barton created his own Robby, the Robot replica which he displayed, and demonstrated publicly for the first time at the 1974 Star Trek Convention in Los Angeles, CA. When "Movie-World" was made aware of this incredibly accurate reproduction; Mr. Barton was commissioned to restore the original Robby to good-as-new condition. Several years after the successful restoration; the museum closed its doors, and Robby was sold to a private collector where he resides today in retirement.

In 1997 Fred Barton Productions, Inc. obtained the prestigious license from Turner Entertainment Co. ( a Time / Warner Company ) to manufacture an elite line of museum-quality statues retooled from the original robot. This replica of Robby the Robot is handmade, 100% accurate, and exquisitely detailed.

The Robby produced by Mr. Barton is more than a recreation or replica. He is actually another Robby, the Robot created from molds, accurate blueprints, and templates acquired from the original robot costume. In fact the new Robby surpasses the original in look and functionality. In the retooling process; skillful craftsmen at Fred Barton Productions, Inc. have carefully removed all the flaws, and warps from the robots body without compromising the unique look, for which Robby is world renowned.

Robby the Robot, manufactured by Fred Barton Productions, Inc. of Hollywood, California, is an exact 1:1 scale replica of the famous movie robot as seen in MGM s classic sci-fi thriller "Forbidden Planet."

All of Robby s intricate mechanisms and lights function with superb attention to detail. This is the first time a life-size Robby, the Robot has been made available to the public and is officially licensed through Turner Entertainment, a Time Warner Co.

Robby is over seven-feet tall, weighs just over 100 pounds, and is made of sturdy Fiberglass. The Special Edition includes all of the following standard equipment:

100% fiberglass body retooled from the original robot professional showroom finish break resistant PETG dome hand machines aluminjum, brass, and acrylic detail rotating scanners state of the art electronics theater quality audio with neon synchronization.

This stunning 1:1 replica is also available in a Collector's Edition and Deluxe edition, both of which contain a plethora of additional features including DC Servor controlled head movement, planetary spinning gyros, sax valves with reciprocating arms, heart box with piano keys, oscillating star light and quad light, animatronic movement and programming, and remote control. These 2 advances versions feature computerized and remote controlled options, and incorporate a digital audio sound-track from the movie that lights the nine mercury-vapor neon tubes in his mouth synchronously with the robots original voice as heard in the film.

Retail Value: $17,000.

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