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Updated: December 28, 2023

Very rare nickel plate version #8 of 50. This is not a reproduction / it is a recreation nothing like this Robot toy ever existed before / nor is any toy of this amazing quality likely to ever be made again. This Robby is modeled directly from the full size original Robby used in the 1950's film. In 1999 Osaka Tin Toy Institute and Metal House of Tokyo Japan produced this highly detailed, precisely scaled Robby using the traditional methods and materials of the Japanese tin toy makers art.

It stands 12.75 inches tall, weighs a massive 24.5 ounces, fits like a Mercedes and runs like a fine watch. This toy represents the pinnacle of toy Robot design and manufacture. To top it off, this example #8 is one of only 50 nickel plated verisions ever made.

As for his battery powered actions:

Robby walks / dome lamp and mechanical brain are lighted / voice tubes flash blue / heart box star drive and geneva movement device are lighted / mechanical sax values cycle / scanner rings rotate: Robby stops / blaster light pulsates / blaster sound pulsates / arm holding blaster moves from side to side with spraying action. Robby walks again / the breath talking box art was created by Steven Lewis Ryan, and is equal to the unique quality of his beautiful and rare piece.

"The Rolls Royce of Robots!"

Value: $1,500.

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