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Updated: December 21, 2010

The most recognizable icon of science fiction film history. Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet. This is a very rare chance at a museum quality licensed full-scale reproduction of the most famous Robot in the world. Long before Star Wars, Robby the Robot amazed people with his film debut in 1956. The creation of MGM Art Director Bob Kinoshita, Robby went on to perform in many other film and TV roles, often times with slight alterations to fit the whims of the director de jour. This is not for the slight of wallet or those with cramped quarters. This is a big boys toy and needs some room to move around. While there are other outlets to buy other famous screen Robot replicas, there is only one company in the world allowed to produce full scale Robby the Robot replicas - Fred Barton Productions, Inc. Mr. Barton is licensed by Turner Entertainment.

Robby is superbly crafted out of fiberglass, PETG (dome) and machined aluminum. He is impeccable! Plug him in and watch him come to life, saying all the lines from his film roles of Forbidden Planet and Invisible Boy. His lights blink and his scanner rings rotate, just as he does in "real life". His blue neon chest tubes flash in sequence with is voice, via a sophisticated 16 Bit audio CD system and state of the art VOX circuitry. His voice booms through an amplified speaker system behind the neon tubes in his mouth. His head swivels effortlessly on a system of bearings.

Value: $15,000.00 (Replica)

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