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Updated: December 25, 2023

This is a large ( 14 x 22 1/2 ) stained glass window, which was enshrined in the basement of an antique store! The beloved icon has been rendered, on stain glass, in the familiar pose that emblazoned MGM's original Forbidden Planet posters. Illuminated by sun or artifical light, Robby beams pulsing hues; adhering to a pulp-ish hubris, 1950's style, the robot's dominant colors are black, cherry, and crystal. The curvy body of luscious Altaira, shaded with a brilliant but sensuous lemon color ( appled to her abbreviated attire and casading hair ), is outlined in burnt orange. The background is a swirling pastiche of crimson and orange, invoking Forbidden Planet's eastmancolor milieu.

This is absolutely a one of a kind item!

Value: $400.

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