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Updated: January 22, 2024

"These two guys are still fighting after all these years?" This is a acrylic original painting, 18" x 24" on canvas board, that was commissioned in 1999 from the NYC artist Baz for a LIS collector. The painting shows the two Robots as NYC taxi cab drivers having a fist fight in the middle of Times square! Robby is tearing off one of the LIS Robot's arms & there is a shower of sparks everywhere. You can see a lot of cute little details hidden in the painting like Bob May and Dick Tufeld, Jonathan Harris, and Billy Mumy looking in the crowd. There is also Gort, Bender, FutureRama, & Atomic Robot bidding on the winner?

"Many thanks to Teddy Young of New York City for allowing me to add this item to my collection!"

Value: $1,500.

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