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Updated: January 22, 2024

Mr. Chiller and Chiller Theatre have been a leading source to the public for sci-fi and horror collectibles for the past thirty years. once again it's Spring cleaning time at the old Chiller Archives so collectible things that haven't seen the light of day for decades may start popping up for grabs for you sci-fi monster collectors out there. While going through the lower caverns of the Chiller Grotto we came across this rare offering. Back a long time ago before Chiller there was a monster magazine called Castle Of Frankenstein put out by one Calvin Beck. This mag ran for many years and put out about 26 issues including the infamous Journal Of Frankenstein, Castle's humble start. To make a long story short, C. Beck stopped putting out his magazine and closed shop. The next issue to go out before it's untimely demise was to have a Forbidden Planet wrap around cover that was painted by Marcus Boas. This was the early 1970's and at the time Boas was best known for his Castle of Frankenstein covers but went on to be one of the more popular fantasy artists of the era.

This was obtained from the estate of Calvin Beck after his death and has been hanging with Chiller ever since. The piece is in really nice condition with a little discoloring in the top white border. Otherwise the colors are sharp and vibrant! It's pretty big and measures in total including the top border, 24" in width and 30" in height. If you like Forbidden Planet and you love Robby the Robot ( star of the new AT&T commercial appearing on television at this writing ) or your a Castle of Frankenstein magazine fanatic, then you'll love owning this piece of Castle of Frankenstein history.

The estimated value of this item is $3,000.00.

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