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Updated: May 10, 2022

Movie executives kept kicking Charleton Heston out of their offices, saying, "Who would watch a movie about monkeys and spaceships?" Planet of the Apes then went on to be one of the first movies ever to have merchandise tie-ins.

The moral of this story? Always listen to Moses.

The Planet of the Apes Monopoly Game is great for fans of the 1968 version of the movie (even though Andy Serkis finally made the apes look believable!). Instead of Chance and Community Chest, you have "Human See" and "Human Do." Boardwalk & Park Place are replaced by the Forbidden Zone and (spoiler alert!) The Statue of Liberty ruins. Really, you can't have spoilers any more on a movie that's 49 years old.

The loser gets a lobotomy, and the winner gets to do their best Charleton Heston scream of despair!

Product Specifications:

Planet of the Apes Monopoly Officially-licensed Planet of the Apes merchandise For 2-4 players Ages 8+ Play time: It's Monopoly - the game slows down as you approach the speed of light. And it may never end!


Classic illustrations by Dave Perillo, 6 collectible custom tokens, Human See/Human Do cards (Chance and Community Chest) Property cards, Play money, with the face of a famous ape on the front.

Value: $200.

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