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Updated: May 11, 2022

On a planet where apes talk and walk like men, and men are primitive animals, an astronaut from Earth, Taylor, crash lands and is captured by gorilla soldiers. Thinking he is just another primitive human, Taylor is imprisoned and left in the care of two chimps, Cornelius and Zira. It's soon discovered that Taylor, unlike the other humans, can talk. Taylor is brought before Dr. Zaius, an orangutan, who fears the talking human could bring the downfall of the ape civilization, on the Planet of the Apes!

Taylor has over 30 points of articulation for full range of motion. He comes with a Astronaut backpack with removable gun and pick, as well as a 12 inch 'Planet of the Apes' figure stand. This Exclusive Astronaut Taylor Forbidden Zone figure includes a bearded Taylor portrait, astronaut tank top, and dirt deco on the Astronaut uniform. This figure is limited to just 500 pieces. Additional figures complete the set!

Value: $40. (Each)

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