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Updated: May 07, 2020

Contact sheets (for those who do not know) are created when a film photographer takes the developed negatives he has shot and lays them on a piece of photographic paper. He then exposes them and creates a positive of whatever number of negatives he has put on the sheet--each print the size of the original film frame (usually 35mm). This is cheaper then printing each up and allows the studio publicity people to pick which they want and make sure the worst ones never see the light of day.

Normally no more then 1-4 sets of contacts are made and the images actually used are often marked in red grease pencil or ink.

This is an original, production company used contact sheet from the the PLANET OF THE APES TV series and shows a variety of black and white of (what I believe to be) family members visiting the set and seeing the Apes in costume and makeup!

Original contact sheets are quite rare--I have seen very few from Planet of the Apes.

Value: $20. (Each)

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