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Updated: May 04, 2013

Prop grandfather clock from The Munsters. (CBS-TV, 1964-66) This two-piece grandfather clock is constructed of brown-painted wood with several hand-carved decorative features to the top "clock" portion, including an ornate leaf motif around the face and a small bird at the top. The hands and numbers are painted in a muted gold color, and have a single mechanical wire mounted to the back side which is designed to allow the effects team to spin the hands either forward or backward.

No actual clock movement is present which would allow the prop to keep regular time. Two small hinged doors are set beneath the face, and swing open (although there is no mechanical "bird" or other miniature figurine designed into the recess). This clock was featured prominently in the mansion, and was used throughout the series and can be seen very clearly in several episodes.

An excellent set piece from this cult classic! Originally acquired from Ellis Props & Graphics of Hollywood. Measures fully 6' 8" tall.

(*) Photos & info courtsey of Profiles in History!

Value: $25,000 - $35,000

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