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Updated: May 30, 2005

1313 Mockingbird Lane Home of the Munster Family!

This item is extremely rare, and for the serious collector of one of televisions greatest families. Until now, theres only been the Munster Family Livingroom, and the Hawthorn Village series. Here's the one that everyone's been waiting for.

This resin model is made from precise detail measurements of the actual home and then scaled down. If Your familiar with the Bates Mansion (psycho) model, its in the same 1/87 HO scale. This model has weight behind it, not a thin plastic model. There are very very few of this victorian classic model made, and bound to make you the envy of any Munster fan/collector out there. For a lot of you, it may be the first time seeing what the actual exterior of the home looks like. You can almost see Eddie standing at the back door yelling "Here Spot". It is indeed a true showcase. The model comes unbuilt and unpainted.

Pictures shown are of a finished model!

Value: $75. (Kit)

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