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Updated: January 23, 2006

Fred Gwynne (1926 - 1993 ) This Bust started as an actual life cast mask from Fred Gwynne's face It has been sculpturaly enhanced by me Erick Erickson to depict Gwynne in our favorite role HERMAN MUNSTER. The makeup originally created by Bud Westmore has been faithfully reproduced. I studied the original mold for the forehead so the sculpting could be as true as posible to the makup for the TV show. The bust is a very large and spectacular display.

Fred Gwynne was a gentle giant, he was a great straight actor, author and artist. But I like him best as TV's funnyman from the 60's. Do we ever laugh out loud whatching Tv like we did for the Munsters, Car 54, or the Phil Silvers Show. That was great stuff and the expresive rubber face and maner that sold it was Fred Gwynne.

Most of the original detail of the historic cast has been preserved. So the work of art you get has a direct link to Fred Gwynne. It's like having Herman right there with you. I am a fan and do what I do with love that you can see in the final work of art. I watched many episodes of the Munsters while further infuse the spirit of Gwynne as Herman.

The finnished piece is cast in USG's Tuf-Cal gypsum cement, it is fiber filled and has polymer additves to assure it will last forever. It measures 13" High X 9" Wide X 7" Deep. It is aproximatly 10 pounds unpacked. It is finished in Silver Screen Silver then rubbed with an antiquing overlay to bring out the detail. The piece is then sealed with a clear coat to preserve the finish. Each mask comes with hanging instructions and the screw.

This mask is one of a LIMITED EDITION signed and numbered by me Erick Erickson the artist. As a Bonus your purchase comes with a signed and numbered CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.

Value: $75.

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